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My Thoughts

While Global Voices may not be the most popular site around it is without a doubt an excellent and informative website that everyone should take the time to look at. Not only does it deliver information you would not normally get paying attention to main stream media outlets it also allows you the opportunity to open your eyes to other cultures and ways of life. Every time I have gone onto the website in the last couple of months I have learned about a new country and even discovered some I never knew existed. Zuckerman and Mackinnon came up with a very unique and useful website. It is important for us to constantly stay up to date with not only what is going on in our own countries but countries all around the world because, even if it is some know nothing country now what starts off as small could become a large story that we as citizens of the word need to know about.

I am not someone who is proficient at navigating websites; in fact, it usually takes me a very long time to become accustomed to layouts. However, this layout of Global Voices is extremely easy to use. Everything is nicely organized into easy to navigate sections; you can easily find any country and any topic with an easy click to the drop down menu. Once you have chosen your topic or country each page has easy an easy to use Features box that has that days top stories or you can dig deeper and find older stories.

What I found to be the most unique feature of this site is the way in which it incorporates citizen journalism. Global Voices is citizen journalism in its purest form; taking what people from that country are reporting in their own personal blogs and making it a news article really shows just how important citizen journalism is and how it should be used more often. This site shows that if more sites, such as mainstream news sites, were to incorporate this new form of journalism more often people would have better access to more information.

I think it is very important that everyone take a little time out of their day and visit Global Voices. Regardless of what you read it is important that we stay abreast of what is going on outside of what CNN or FOX tells us and the best source I have ever seen that can do this is Global Voices.










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Features Galore!

Any good website nowadays will have a plethera of multimedia tools and features that will not only keep its audience captivated but will also allow for articles to be shared with family and friends. Well, Global Voices has that in spades! Almost every article you go to will have some sort of multimedia feature included in it. Whether that is a series of pictures or even a video there is always something other than just another boring description to draw you in. An interesting feature this sight has is that it allows you to know ahead of time what sort of multimedia is available within the article. So, if you are one of those people who just has to have pictures or videos to keep your interest you can see what you will be getting before even clicking on the link.

As you can see, in this picture in the corner of the link to the article a little camera is visible letting you know that there are pictures displayed.

These days it is very important that when you visit a sight you have the ability to connect it to any of your social networking accounts and Global Voices definitley makes sure that is available. On each page of the sight you are given the ability to share what you are looking at through either your Facebook, Twitter, StumbleUpon, Reddit, Google+, Flattr, E-mail, Delicious, or Instapaper. You can also subscribe to the website so you can receive notifications through your e-mail, Facebook, or Twitter about new articles that may interest you!

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So many topics so little time!

Like any news sight Global Voices pulls articles from not only the hard-hitting news genre but also articles about lifestyle, holidays, fashion, and art; essentially any genre of news you can think of can be found.  To give you a little taste of all the different topics covered as well as the countries here are a few articles I found…..

History/ Call to Action Pieces

A recent posting from France…….

In October of 2011 members of the leftist political party of France have been issuing a call to action; asking the French Government to officially declare wrongdoing during a 1961 Algerian protest. Mediapart website has recently begun getting signature on their petition as well as getting the word out via radio and other publications to discuss the mistreatment and killing of 200 Algerian’s in what was originally supposed to be a peaceful protest.


A recent posting from Bangladesh…..

In October of 2011 Bangladesh celebrated the birth of the 7 billionth child of the world. Baby girl Oishi was officially declared the 7 billionth child and celebrated throughout the capital of Bangladesh. Around the same time another child was also declared the 7 billionth child another baby girl by the name of Nargis who was born in India.


A story from China….

After the election of Hong Kong’s new major Leung Chun-ying flocks of people surrounded the voting site in protest of the election procedures. Prior to the election roughly 220,000 people began voicing their aggrivation toward the way elections were conducted claiming that allowing only the 1,200 committee members to vote was an unfair representation of what citizens wanted.


 From Cuba…..

This past March Pope Benedict made a trip to Cuba declaring the long put down country to be on its way toward a good future. According to writer Elaine Diaz the Pope’s visit was so significant that it became among the “trending twitter topics” of that day and millions of people wanted to know what the Pope had to say.

And to round off the topics-


From Russia!  

This article discusses Russian wrestling champion Alexander Karelin who has now gone on to hold a political office for the Duma Committee. Within the article is an interview by a Russian wrestling coach who explores the differences between American wrestlers and Russian in regards to the amount of time spent training and participating in the sport. Karelin is used to portray how unlike American wrestlers the career for a Russian wrestler is short lived.

Regardless of what your interests are you can find a story on Global Voices that will keep you captivated. With many topics and even more countries to choose from a person can spend weeks on the site and never even come close to reading everything.

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So… who is looking at this sight?

Over the last three months Global Voices has had a pretty steady stream of ups and downs in regards to visitors. From what I could tell by visiting the site over the last few months is that the moderate increases did not occur with any specific purpose, however the spike in March is signigicant enough (having gone over the 6 month record) that it would lead me to believe that a story of some significance was occuring at the time.

Global voices has a global popularity ranking of 16,500 and an United States popularity ranking of 32,059 with roughly fourteen thousands other websites linked into it.

According to Alexa the general age demographic falls within the age range of 18-34 year olds primarily those who have gone to or are currently in Graduate school. Also, the core demographic is compromised equally of male and female visitors who are from the United States. Running second to the United States which makes up roughly 15% of the sites visitors is Peru with 8% and France with 7%.

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