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Any good website nowadays will have a plethera of multimedia tools and features that will not only keep its audience captivated but will also allow for articles to be shared with family and friends. Well, Global Voices has that in spades! Almost every article you go to will have some sort of multimedia feature included in it. Whether that is a series of pictures or even a video there is always something other than just another boring description to draw you in. An interesting feature this sight has is that it allows you to know ahead of time what sort of multimedia is available within the article. So, if you are one of those people who just has to have pictures or videos to keep your interest you can see what you will be getting before even clicking on the link.

As you can see, in this picture in the corner of the link to the article a little camera is visible letting you know that there are pictures displayed.

These days it is very important that when you visit a sight you have the ability to connect it to any of your social networking accounts and Global Voices definitley makes sure that is available. On each page of the sight you are given the ability to share what you are looking at through either your Facebook, Twitter, StumbleUpon, Reddit, Google+, Flattr, E-mail, Delicious, or Instapaper. You can also subscribe to the website so you can receive notifications through your e-mail, Facebook, or Twitter about new articles that may interest you!


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