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While Global Voices may not be the most popular site around it is without a doubt an excellent and informative website that everyone should take the time to look at. Not only does it deliver information you would not normally get paying attention to main stream media outlets it also allows you the opportunity to open your eyes to other cultures and ways of life. Every time I have gone onto the website in the last couple of months I have learned about a new country and even discovered some I never knew existed. Zuckerman and Mackinnon came up with a very unique and useful website. It is important for us to constantly stay up to date with not only what is going on in our own countries but countries all around the world because, even if it is some know nothing country now what starts off as small could become a large story that we as citizens of the word need to know about.

I am not someone who is proficient at navigating websites; in fact, it usually takes me a very long time to become accustomed to layouts. However, this layout of Global Voices is extremely easy to use. Everything is nicely organized into easy to navigate sections; you can easily find any country and any topic with an easy click to the drop down menu. Once you have chosen your topic or country each page has easy an easy to use Features box that has that days top stories or you can dig deeper and find older stories.

What I found to be the most unique feature of this site is the way in which it incorporates citizen journalism. Global Voices is citizen journalism in its purest form; taking what people from that country are reporting in their own personal blogs and making it a news article really shows just how important citizen journalism is and how it should be used more often. This site shows that if more sites, such as mainstream news sites, were to incorporate this new form of journalism more often people would have better access to more information.

I think it is very important that everyone take a little time out of their day and visit Global Voices. Regardless of what you read it is important that we stay abreast of what is going on outside of what CNN or FOX tells us and the best source I have ever seen that can do this is Global Voices.










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