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Like any news sight Global Voices pulls articles from not only the hard-hitting news genre but also articles about lifestyle, holidays, fashion, and art; essentially any genre of news you can think of can be found.  To give you a little taste of all the different topics covered as well as the countries here are a few articles I found…..

History/ Call to Action Pieces

A recent posting from France…….

In October of 2011 members of the leftist political party of France have been issuing a call to action; asking the French Government to officially declare wrongdoing during a 1961 Algerian protest. Mediapart website has recently begun getting signature on their petition as well as getting the word out via radio and other publications to discuss the mistreatment and killing of 200 Algerian’s in what was originally supposed to be a peaceful protest.


A recent posting from Bangladesh…..

In October of 2011 Bangladesh celebrated the birth of the 7 billionth child of the world. Baby girl Oishi was officially declared the 7 billionth child and celebrated throughout the capital of Bangladesh. Around the same time another child was also declared the 7 billionth child another baby girl by the name of Nargis who was born in India.


A story from China….

After the election of Hong Kong’s new major Leung Chun-ying flocks of people surrounded the voting site in protest of the election procedures. Prior to the election roughly 220,000 people began voicing their aggrivation toward the way elections were conducted claiming that allowing only the 1,200 committee members to vote was an unfair representation of what citizens wanted.


 From Cuba…..

This past March Pope Benedict made a trip to Cuba declaring the long put down country to be on its way toward a good future. According to writer Elaine Diaz the Pope’s visit was so significant that it became among the “trending twitter topics” of that day and millions of people wanted to know what the Pope had to say.

And to round off the topics-


From Russia!  

This article discusses Russian wrestling champion Alexander Karelin who has now gone on to hold a political office for the Duma Committee. Within the article is an interview by a Russian wrestling coach who explores the differences between American wrestlers and Russian in regards to the amount of time spent training and participating in the sport. Karelin is used to portray how unlike American wrestlers the career for a Russian wrestler is short lived.

Regardless of what your interests are you can find a story on Global Voices that will keep you captivated. With many topics and even more countries to choose from a person can spend weeks on the site and never even come close to reading everything.


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